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Whether it is a medical specialty or music venue mobile stage, our facility is well-equipped and capable of designing and constructing trailers to meet practically any need. Pegasus Vans & Trailers was established in 1997 and is located in Sandusky, Ohio. Pegasus takes pride in building a superior-quality trailer, built to fulfill the needs of each and every customer. From the moment the first drawing is created to the day of pick-up or delivery, Pegasus keeps the customer involved throughout the entire process.

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  • Jan-Dirk Lueders
    The guys at Pegasus are doing a fantastic job! Not only do they respond to every customer request with speed and precision, they only use the highest quality supplies and never cut corners. Outstanding people with a great product, customizable to the last detail. Thank you!
    Jan-Dirk Lueders
  • Gail Dady
    We have owned a variety of trailers but none like Pegasus. Our horses arrive at shows rested and relaxed, even after eight to ten hours of traveling. The company focused on every detail to ensure the comfort and safety of the horses as well as every detail to make life easier for the two-legged users. Larry McGee and the entire Pegasus team made sure all our needs were taken care of and were a pleasure to work with. All of our trailers in the future will be Pegasus.
    Gail Dady
    Owner, Caliburn Farm
  • Asia Vedder
    We have been lucky enough to have several trailers from Pegasus. I love how easy they are to haul, their ease of use, and how well the horses travel in them. This is our first of the All Aluminum series, and a replacement for another Pegasus LQ trailer that got totaled last year, but where the horses walked off without a scratch. For that alone I will only use Pegasus. I am very impressed with the attention to detail and improvements Larry and his team have made. This was a complete custom design, from the horse section, to the RV and tack area with built in cupboards. Larry was very easy to work with, listening to all my ideas and the attention to detail and quality is astounding. I am still discovering all the upgrades they have made since I purchased my first trailer from them in 2005. Thank you to the whole team for building such a solid, safe, and comfortable trailer, for both the horses and myself.
    Asia Vedder
    Vedder Co
  • Lee Gottschlich
    I would like to extend my appreciation to the management and staff at Pegasus Vans and Trailers. Right from the onset they were very informative and helpful on the trailer design to the changes I made, adding an extra 2’, changing door sizes, adding hooks, tie downs etc. They gave me a delivery date and they worked extra hours to meet it. Then I show up with a short box F-350 which just doesn’t work with an 8’ wide goose neck trailer. The air ride goose neck had to be modified so the hitch was moved back 1’ from the ball so I could make a tighter turn and not wipe out the cab. Larry and his guys worked into the night on Thursday and started 6:00 AM on Friday to get me on my way by 8:00 that night back to Canada and buy a long box 350. They checked on me on my way back helped me put the Air Ride hitch back together over the phone when I got back and everything is perfect. I can’t believe the number of compliments I’ve got on the unit and how well it rides and pulls. I even went for a ride in the trailer and yes it is smooth.
    Lee Gottschlich
    President - LMG, Inc.
  • Mark Stansell
    I have owned 3 Pegasus gooseneck horse trailers over the past several years but the all aluminum 2018 model is by far the best trailer I have pulled. All the new changes that Pegasus have made were needed and a lot of thought was put into them, it was a pleasure to be involved with the design team and get a trailer for my needs and not someone else. My 32’ shuttle plus can be made into 3 box stalls, we move mares and foals and this works great for us or it can be arranged into standard stalls. I am very happy and would recommend Pegasus if you are looking to build a trailer the way you want it! It was worth the wait.
    Mark Stansell
  • Kim Wilkey
    We just took our beautiful new 2018 Pegasus 44' Magnum trailer on her maiden voyage. What a dream to haul! Larry McGee and his team at Pegasus were absolutely wonderful to work with. They customized our trailer down to the smallest detail and even put our logo in vinyl on the trailer. We couldn't be more pleased with the results. Honestly we've never worked with a company who has better communication than these folks. We received regular updates throughout the process and when the trailer was delivered it exceeded our expectations. Larry you've made us a loyal customer. The new product is exceptional.
    Kim Wilkey
  • Daniela Reyes-Perez Valenzuela
    Buying a horse trail from Pegasus was an amazing experience. Customer service at its best and every single detail taken care of. The availability and patience from the team regarding personal attention is outstanding. The trailer speaks for itself; magnificent, fully functional and perfectly equipped. I recommend Pegasus, from the trailer to every single person that works there.
    Daniela Reyes-Perez Valenzuela
  • George Krass
    I cannot say enough about Pegasus trailers! My trailer came in on budget and nicer than I could imagine in every way. Larry and his team new all of the right questions to ask about what I needed on the trailer. They did a excellent job designing it and sent me photos as it was being built. I looked at all of the top brands and Pegasus makes such a nice trailer at a great price, you will not be disappointed. It was so refreshing to actually get more than what I expected, thank you again Pegasus for making me the nicest trailer in the paddock.
    George Krass
  • Sam Berry
    Wow what a company!!! Not only was our trailer finished on time and exceeded our expectations Larry and his crew went the extra mile to make sure we had everything needed to roll down the road in safety, style and functionality. When we arrived to pick up our trailer the crew went to work right away outfitting the truck to work perfectly with the trailer, in this process they ran into some issues with our truck that really should’ve been solved from when we purchased the truck. Instead of ignoring the issues or sending us away to have them fixed the crew worked even harder to fix them for us, all while shuttling us back and fourth from their shop to the hotel we where staying at. Going above and beyond what was required has really put my mind at ease knowing that this is a company that will stand behind their product for years to come. This being said, if you are looking for the best for your horses and company, look no further. Thanks again to Larry and his crew, people make the difference!
    Sam Berry
    Finally Home Farm

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